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OMICRON has, since the company was founded in 1989, evolved into one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for safety monitoring and environmental surveillance on all types of tanker vessels. Products include high level/overfill alarm systems, gas detection systems, Karamba tank and vapour pressure systems, temperature alarms and calibration equipment.

Since delivery of the first generation independent high level system in 1989, OMICRON has developed a range of high-tech systems for the shipping industry.

Our principal aim from the outset has been to deliver reliable, service-friendly systems to meet owners’ and regulatory requirements. OMICRON enjoys close links with the classification societies. Thus we have been able to assist and provide shipowners with the service they should expect, in our special fields and with optimal technology and economy.

OMICRON always maintains a customer focus with the emphasises on mutual understanding. rulett casino Our experience is that customers receive a generally better service at a more competitive price by establishing close links with a dependable supplier.

Our broad network of agencies means company products are available at all major ports around the world.

OMICRON’s products are designed to attract minimum maintenance overheads and we go to great lengths to ensure that deliveries are made at the right time and right price. We focus on development of systems that at all times comply with the best environmental and safety standards and follow all requirements from class societies and IMO. More than 2500 vessels are using our equipment.

From 18 December 2008 Omicron has been aquired by Autronica Fire and Security A/S
(A UTC Fire & Security company). For more info please see

E-mail: omicron@omicron.no   |    Phone: +47 33 38 25 00   |    Fax: +47 33 38 25 25