OMICRON Water Ingress System has been specially designed and manufactured for detecting the presence of water in the inner bottom in any holds reaching a height of 0,5 m and another height of not less than
15 % of the depth of hold but not more than 2 m.
Furthermore, also holds located partially or totally forward of the foremost cargo hold, and ballast tanks located forward of the foremost cargo hold,
collision bulkhead of Bulk carrier, in conformity with SOLAS regulation
XII/ 12 rule requirement.

• The system is tested according to IMO APPLICATION REQUIREMENT and folows latest requirements from IACS, IMO and all major classification societies.

approved by DnV.

This system consists of a main alarm panel with cabinet and level sensor operated by detecting the conductivity in a liquid when present. The sensor and the alarm panel are connected together with intrinsically safe barrier.
When the presence of water has reached the detecting points (ref. rule requirement) of level sensor installed at the preset level in the cargo hold or other space, the electric signals which are activated on the level switches are transmitted to the main alarm panel. At the same time, the audible and visual alarms are activated on the main alarm panel. The system has also all necesarry functions like loop monitoring of sensors and power failure.There is also overriding device for which the alarm can be deactivated or reactivated for the detector installed in the tank and holds used for carriage of water ballast according to the SOLAS regulation XIII 12.1. The main power and standby power are prepared in such way that if the
main power failes, the standby power will make sure that the alarm panel will be supplied continuously. An alarm will be given under such condition.

Standard features:

• Sensor unit in stainless steel.
• Non movable parts due to “conductivity principle”.
• Approved by DnV according to IMO guidelines for this type of application.
• Various mounting layouts per sensor.
• Easy to function test.
• Designed without any active electronic components in order to avoid problems in connection boxes on deck or in pipe tunnel..
• Can operate in all sorts of bulk cargoes.

Alarm cabinet
Intrinsically safe connections to sensors.
• Potential free contacts for common external alarm light and horn.
• All normal alarm functions.
• The Alarm Panel can either be mounted in the front door of the alarm cabinet or in a common console.

Power supply: 115/230 VAC Nom, Emergency power supply 24 V DC.
Alarm for system failure
: Yes
Alarm for loop fail: Yes
Eex version: Classified as “simple apparatus”
Sensor enclosure: IP 68/ 2.5 bar with 35 m signal cable
Temperature range: Working temperature -25 to 120 Deg. C

• RS-485/422 serial line (MODBUS RTU).
• Various installation material available