OMICRON Gas Alarm OGA 1.0 is a sampling system for pump rooms. Available gas sensor types are hydrocarbon, oxygen and hydrogen-sulphide. The system can independently handle up to 4 sensors with flow failure alarms. Each sensor has one gas alarm LED and one flow/system fail LED.

• The system fulfils IMO and classification societies’ rules and regulations.
• The system is Year 2000 compliant.

OMICRON Gas Alarm OGA 1.0 is a micro controller based sampling gas alarm for pump rooms.

Each sampling line has an individual gas and flow sensor. The alarm cabinet is complete with common vacuum pump, flame arrestors, ball valves and connection for the sampling tubes.
The OGA 1.0 can be delivered as a combined version with the alarm panel mounted in the alarm/detector cabinet door, or as a split version with the alarm panel mounted in a separate cabinet.
The alarm panel has individual alarm LEDs for all gas alarms and system/flow alarms. The sensors will be factory adjusted to give an alarm at a specific gas level. As standard are potential free output relay contacts for power failure and 2 common group alarms. These can typically be used for common gas alarm and common system/flow alarm. The system can drive a bridge remote alarm panel.
Standard features:
• Semi-conductor hydrocarbon sensor.
• Power failure relay output.
• Common gas alarm relay output.
• Common system/flow alarm relay output.
• Bridge remote panel.Options:
• O2 sensors.
• H2S sensors.

Power supply 230/115 V AC Nom.
Alarm for loop fail Yes
Alarm for flow fail Yes
HC sensor range 0-100 % L.E.L.
Oxygen range 0-25.0 % Vol.
Hydrogen-sulphide range 0-25 ppm