OMICRON gas sampling alarm system OGS 3.0 for ballast tanks and void spaces has an Infrared hydrocarbon sensor as standard.

It has individual sample point LED status lamps and LCD display for detailed system information.
Different models and options cover all applications.

• The system fulfils IMO and classification societies’ rules and regulations.

OMICRON Gas System OGS 3.0 is the 3rd generation, fully computerised gas sampling system developed by OMICRON.

This is a complete assembled gas detection system with all equipment included. The OGS 3.0 system can be of either split or combined version. In the split version the alarm/control panel, with zero noise, can be mounted separated from the pneumatic components. The alarm/control panel can also easily be mounted in an external console due to the small size and simple electrical connections.
The alarm/control panel has a clear LCD display for individual sample point names and system status/messages. There are also individual status LEDs for all sample points. The OGS 3.0 system has easy individual or common settings of gas alarm levels, sample and purge time.

Standard features:
• Infrared hydrocarbon sensor with range 0 - 100 % L.E.L.
• Low and high gas level alarms.
• Flame arrestor and shut-off valve for each sampling tube.
• Automatic and sequential purging of each sampling tube.
• Semi-automatic test facility for zero and span.
• Manual disconnecting of sampling points not in use (e.g. when water in ballast tanks).
• Alarm for low flow in sampling tubes.
• Extensive hardware and software system monitoring.
• Bridge remote panel.
• Non-return valves in ballast tanks in order to avoid liquid entering into the system.
• Bulkhead penetrations.
• H2S, O2 or other gas sensors.
• Automatic disconnection of valves when sample point is disconnected from
scanning cycle.
• RS 485/422 serial line to external computer.
• Multiple gas analysing. Maximum of 3 different gas sensors can be installed.
• Custom made systems on request.

Number of gas sampling points Max. 80
Purge air supply 7 bar
Power supply 230V AC Nom. Max. 1200W
Alarm for clogged tubes Yes
Calibration gas Included
Serial line communication RS 485/422 (RTU MODBUS)
Sample/purge time range 25 s - 9999 s