• OMICRON alarm system OPS monitors the over- or under-pressure in the cargo tanks. Any number of tanks can be monitored.

• OMICRON alarm system OVS P21 monitors the pressure in the waste vapour line(s) during loading of tank vessels. Different models cover all configurations of vapour lines.

The electrical signals from the pressure sensor assemblies on deck are connected to zener barriers in the electronic cabinet mounted in the cargo control room. The alarm panel has individual LED display and alarm status LEDs.

• The system fulfils IMO and
classification societies’ rules and regulations.



OMICRON Pressure System OPS, and OMICRON Vapour System for Pressure OVS P21 are alarm and monitoring systems based on the same micro controller cards and pressure sensor assemblies.
The OPS system is intended for cargo tank pressure monitoring for any number of tanks, while the OVS P21 is a smaller system intended for pressure monitoring of waste vapour return line(s) with up to 4 pressure sensors.
The Omicron pressure sensor is a high quality capacitive ceramic type especially suited for the low pressures to be measured. This sensor type has exceptionally good repeatability and low hysterisis. These sensors are mounted in a sensor housing and come complete with ball valve, bracket and fittings. The sensor assemblies are mounted on deck with electrical signals to zener barriers mounted in the electronic cabinet. The electronic cabinet is intended for mounting in the cargo control room, and also contains the alarm panel, power supply and output relays.
Each channel has two adjustable processor controlled alarm settings with pressure LED display and alarm status LEDs.
As standard are potential free output relay contacts for power failure, common low, common high and system failure. The system can drive a bridge remote alarm panel and can be connected to external computers via RS 485/422 serial lines.
Standard features:
• Stainless steel sensor(s) with shut-off valves and brackets, Eex ia approved.
• Individual pressure displays.
• Individual adjustable alarm levels for high and low pressure.
• Alarm for sensor/system failure for each sensor and electronic board.
• Potential free change-over contacts for external alarms.
• Zener barriers included.

• Bridge remote panel.
• Combined tank pressure and vapour pressure monitoring system.
• Combined pump room gas monitoring and pressure system.
• Analogue 4 - 20 mA output from each pressure channel for slave display.
• RS 485/422 serial line output.

Number of pressure measuring points No limit
Power supply 230/115 V AC Nom.
Alarm for loop fail Yes
Individual pressure displays Yes
Serial line communication RS 485/422
Sensor range -100 to +250 mBar (0 to 200 mBar)
Sensor signal 4 - 20 mA
Sensor type Capacitive ceramic element
Non-linearity, hysteresis & repeatability <0,20 % F.s. (Endpoint calibration)
Compensated sensor temperature range -20 C to +80 C
Operating temperature range -40 C to +125 C
Sensor Ex certification Eex ia IIC T6
Maximum overpressure 6 Bar
Long term stability <0,1% F.s./ 12 months