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In addition to existing systems and products Omicron's engineers have a wide experience in tailor make systems for anyone's requests. This could either be based on special combinations of existing systems, special gas detection or systems special designed for FPSO, LNG, LPG, SHUTTLE TANKERS and STORAGE TANKERS.

The following topics cover examples on systems we have designed:

High-level and Overfill alarm systems special developed for LNG tankers (low temperature down to -163 °C), Chemical tankers
(high quality steel for aggressive cargoes) and asphalt tankers
(high temperature cargoes up to 250 0C).

Flame and Smoke system special developed for detection of flame and smoke in STL/ Access trunk onboard FPSO's.

Twin system (gas warning) special developed for detection of HC gas in turret loading area onboard shuttle tankers.

Complete gas warning system on LNG tankers. Different design depending on which type of ship design
(Moss-type with spherical tanks or French design with membrane tanks).

Complete gas-warning systems for production area, pump rooms and hull monitoring (void spaces/ballast tanks) for FPSO's.

Flue-gas monitoring system for environmental purposes onboard cruise vessels, offshore installations and shore based industry.

Kindly take contact for more technical information or technical discussions for these kinds of projects.

Omicron's product range for special vessels

OAS 5.0
Independent High Level and Overfill alarm system OAS 5
(ref. product flyer)

Standard type approved level alarm sensors (95 % and 98 %) or tailor made special alarm sensors for additional alarm levels other than required by class. The system is approved and meets the requirements from various classification societies.

OGS 3.1

OGS 2.1
Gas detection alarm system
OGS 3.1(scanning) / OGS 2.1(fixed)
(ref. product flyers)

Tailor made systems according to customers' requirements for detection in void spaces and surroundings where the cargo tanks (membrane or independent) are located. Special arrangements for gas detection in the engine room where the "boil off" is used for main propulsion, production areas and critical spots in various areas can be delivered.
Our detection systems meet the highest demands concerning scanning cycle time (max 30-min for gas detection onboard gas tankers), quality for IR and Combustible fixed sensors and requirements from various classification societies. For our fixed system we have also implemented bus solutions, which make the installation simpler.

All system are available with bus solution (RS-485 MODBUS RTU) for connection to host computer.

In addition, Omicrons' standard products (Pressure Alarm system and Temperature Alarm System) can also be delivered in conjunction with the above arrangements according to the customers' requirements.

Kindly contact our engineers for the best solution for you.

E-mail: omicron@omicron.no   |    Phone: +47 33 38 25 00   |    Fax: +47 33 38 25 25