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OMICRON Support Department

Since the first generation of independent high level in 1989, Omicron has developed a range of high-tech systems for the shipping industry. Our principal goal from the outset has been to deliver reliable, service-friendly systems to meet owners' and regulatory requirements.

As the range of products increased, the demand for various spareparts also grew. Based on the number of vessels (more than 2500) which we have as our customers, we take it upon us that more service and support is needed to serve our customers the best way. Our experience is that customers receive a generally better service, at a more competative price by establishing a close link with a dependable supplier. Based on this, we are happy to introduce OMICRON support, which will be overall responsible for After Sale, Service Co-ordination and follow up. Our department is manned with technicians with a long and comprehensive experience with all of our products. In addition, we use any resources available to solve tricky problems. To help our customers in the sea of parts we have also started developing this spare-part list.

In this reference you will find the most highlighted parts and numbers for easier ordering and handling when, or preferably before the parts are worn out / broken. There can be products which are not mentioned in this reference, especially those for special systems.

Please contact our support department for further information.


OMICRON's philosophy is that every enquiry we receive is processed and acknowledged the same day according to our daily routine. As every other company in the marine industry today, most of our communication is done by e-mail. Since most of our correspondance on handling spareparts/service etc. will be done electronically, we have already prepared enquiry/service forms with the necessary questions we need answered.
This in order to reply you soonest possible!

Our 48-hour guarantee

OMICRON's intention is to send every order the quickest and cheapest way within 48 hours after received order, and that all necessary information is confirmed. Our stock is always updated on new/old spare parts, and we always yearn to be flexible on solutions requested by our customers. However some spareparts have a durability date, and for these spareparts delivery time may exceed our 48 hrs guarantee.


Omicron has several agents worldwide, who are specially trained in Omicron systems and they handle service tasks locally and regionally wise if required. In addition we also have engineers at Omicron that can cover the other areas not covered by our existing agents. In such case, we kindly ask you to fill in the log into our homepage under Omicron support and click "Request form for Service". A registration form will then pop up for further information.
For further information and requests about this, please contact us at: support@omicron.no

Sparepart lists and calibration logs for various systems

Spareparts list High Level and Overfill Alarm System, Type OAS 4 and 5

Independent, intrinsically safe alarm system used for "critical alarm" functions onboard tankers when doing cargo operations.

Spareparts list Gas Detection System for ballast tanks and void spaces,

Gas sampling system based on IR sensor technology for the use onboard tankers for optimal safety concerning the gas detection in ballast tanks and void spaces.

(Omicron Gas Detection Systems)
(Moss Gas Detection Systems)
Spareparts list Water Ingress System For Bulkers

Spareparts list Gas Detection System for pump room,
Type OGS 2.x (fixed sensors)

Multi gas sampling systems used for gas detection in pump rooms on board tankers

Spareparts list Tank Pressure System, Type OPS

Monitoring of over -and or under-pressure in cargo tanks. Vapour Pressure System. Monitoring of pressure in waste vapour line(s) during loading of tanker vessels

Spareparts list Oxygen and Vapour Pressure System, Type OVS OP

Monitoring of the oxygen and pressure in waste vapour line(s) during loading of tanker vessels

Spareparts list Temperature Alarm System, Type OTS

Monitoring of temperature from any number of temperature sensors mounted on any machinery or parts such as motors, pumps, tanks or process.

Spareparts list Various products

Various products like Portable Gas Detection Monitor, Exhaust Gas Emission Analyser, Calibration Equipment, Alarm-Light and -Horn.
(Portable Gas Detection Equipment)
(Horn and Light)
(Calibration Equipment)

Spareparts list Special systems and projects

In addition to existing systems and products, OMICRON'S engineers have a wide experience in tailor made systems for anyones requests. For spares to these systems, refer to the partlist in the documentation.

E-mail: omicron@omicron.no   |    Phone: +47 33 38 25 00   |    Fax: +47 33 38 25 25